Our Mission

     His entire life was spent reaching, teaching and demonstrating that the supernatural really can break in on the natural, and that things from above really do have power over things from below. Most of all He wanted His listeners to know that they were truly created to live a life of promise.

Just as they did in that era, the Words and Spirit of Jesus continue to radically change the lives of people today that are bold enough to take Him at His Word.

     They say that believing is easy, but the truth is, when it is you with cancer or it is your family that is broken or it is your mind that is imprisoning you, believing for true change can be the most difficult thing to do.

     That is why it is our mission to reach, teach and demonstrate the overcoming power of Jesus Christ just as it is exampled to us in the bible. As an Apostolic Pentecostal body of believers, we come expecting miracles, signs and wonders and are so glad to report that they are still in full effect today. If it happened back then, we say come experience it today!